Current Stoik solutions comprise of 3 strategies, two of which within the structure of leading investment managers:

  1. The US Long-Short Strategy (Qualified Investors only), implemented within the structure of AK Jensen, a leading UK hedge fund platform provider, under the supervision of FCA, and for the second year in a row winner of the HFM Awards for the Best European Hedge Fund Platform. Follow the link to register and learn more.

  2. The Balanced Strategy, implemented with SGF - Sociedade Gestora de Fundos de Pensões, an independent and well-established Portuguese pension fund manager under the supervision of ASF and CMVM. Scroll down to learn more.

  3. The European Strategy. Scroll down to learn more.

The balanced Strategy: PPR SGF STOIK Ações

The PPR SGF Stoik Ações is a retirement savings product that invests in liquid securities from diversified asset classes. The portfolio holds a maximum of 55% in equities and has a strong exposure to bonds, property and cash. The PPR’s objective is to obtain a long-term return, through the application of the Stoik methodology.


The strategy seeks to maximize total return focusing on a concentrated portfolio of companies with high sustainable dividends. The strategy uses a systematic equity selection process and a buy and hold approach, holding a concentrated portfolio of European equities diversified by country and sector. The selection of the portfolio focuses on high dividends paid by quality companies with strong balance sheets and good profit prospects.

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